My name is Ann-Britt Sternfeldt but I mostly use the nickname Anna. I grew up in Sweden but have the last 14 years, however, spent a lot of time abroad, as I don't like the Swedish long and dark winters.

My background is diverse, from working as a taxi driver to social worker. I have participated in several creative writing courses and have a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology. I am a bit of a restless soul with a big need for freedom, and thus it suits me to be a freelancer. I also write on my second criminal novel.

I am testing fish massage in Sri Lanka.


It's a question I ask myself periodically, to remind me of who I am. I have a need to express myself with words, but I also write with a desire to touch, influence and inspire - towards a better world.

I mostly write articles for magazines, but I have also written a few e-books, and some years ago I wrote a few guide books about sustainable tourism. Currently when I have time I write on a novel.


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